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Intimate Skin Care for the “Glow Below”

Intimate skin care is definitely a taboo topic that most women do not like to discuss or share on social media. I often see women holding a bottle of intimate oil with the caption, “Oh, I use this on my body” or the intimate skin care companies with their photos that are a little too, not vulgar, but….not very appealing?

This post will really only cover 2 products that I have recently added to my intimate self care routine and that I am not embarrassed to say, I LOVE!

Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser $16

Before finding this intimate cleanser, I was using Johnson’s baby wash for over 10 years! I have an extremely sensitive pH and it was the only product that I could use to cleanse without causing any disruption.

I was thrilled when Therese, founder of Lady Suite, finally came out with this pH-balanced probiotic cleanser. The price is PHENOMENAL and the color, scent and texture is much more grown up than my old Johnson’s baby wash! This light gel-cleanser smells similar to the OSEA Ocean Cleanser, but like a grapefruit skittle instead of lime. The color is a beautiful light pink and the texture is a low-lather gel cream. TIP: This cleanser also makes for the perfect intimate shave!

The ingredients are naturally derived, and include probiotics to strengthen the skin, botanical extracts like rose hip, cucumber, green tea & grapefruit to nourish and rose quartz to balance!

Lady Suite offers an auto-renew option at a 15% discount that I currently subscribe to; I chose the 4-week auto renew, but wish Therese would offer a 3-week option as I am typically running low by the time my new bottle arrives.

I NEVER want to run out of this product, so you better believe I have a back-up for my back-up LOL. Just in case.

Rejuvenating Botanical Oil $46

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “$46 for an intimate oil!? I don’t even know what an intimate oil is!”

I completely felt the same way! I had never used an intimate oil before, didn’t know if I needed one, and didn’t want to spend $46 to find out! Luckily, Citrine Beauty offered this full-size beauty in one of their “Glam Bags” and I was hooked!

Not only does this bottle look stunning on my vanity, the ingredients are equally as lovely! Nourishing pH-balanced oils like jojoba seed, meadowfoam seed, evening primrose, tamanu oil and carrot seed oil nourish the skin & soothe any irritation you might experience after shaving.

I use this oil everyday without fail the moment I step out of the shower. I use 3-4 (…or 8…) drops and apply it “Erika Jayne”** style below (nothing internal) & instantly I have a glow below that is sexy and “video worthy”! The light scent of grapefruit does not change or ‘turn’ and there is no greasy feeling. *Giddy Delight*

Final Thoughts

It was really easy to incorporate the probiotic cleanser into my routine, and it was a product I had been waiting for for a very long time! The rejuvenating oil definitely required a change to my routine, but now I never want to be without it!

I take a great deal of care when it comes to my complexion and my body. I use luxurious skincare products and the rest of my body is always glowing, why shouldn’t my ‘lola’ glow too?



**If you are unsure of what I mean when I reference “Erika Jayne” style, we need to have a talk LOL**

Please comment below! Have you ever used an intimate skincare product or oil? What did you think!?