Sea Salt Soap

A New Way To Lather!

My first haul from, I can’t wait to try more scents like coconut & lavender mint!

Alright you beautiful people, this is going to be a pretty straight forward post. I’ve been washing my body now for 32 years and I’m wondering why I am just now finding out about sea salt soap!!?? Is this a new concept, or have I just been kept in the dark this whole time!? Either way, I am really excited about this discovery!

I was recently introduced to sea salt soap when Leahlani did a special collaboration with Kopa Kauai Soap Co. (I’m pretty sure they are mother & daughter) to create their decadent Bless Sea Salt Soap. This is when I knew I had to try it, because, well, Bless smells amazing!

Each bar from Kopa Kauai is hand mixed, hand poured, hand cut, hand wrapped; it’s handmade ok? Lol and they are absolutely brimming with organic, cold-pressed oils like coconut, olive, avocado & mango butter that feed the skin! Some of the variations include nourishing additions like sea clay, french pink clay, Hawaiian spirulina and cambrian blue clay…and the scents? Hawaiian and sunny!

Check out these beautiful organic ingredients!

So, why Sea Salt?

Not only does the heavy use of salt act as a preservative in the soap, the sea salt also helps the skin to better absorb the natural glycerin that is present in the bar which means more moisture!

Pikake has a jasmine perfume scent! Look closely, do you see the sea salt!?

Does the sea salt exfoliate the skin?

No, as strange as it may sound, the sea salt is not rough on the skin. Quite the contrary, the sea salt actually causes the soap to feel like a smooth rock and coincidentally stops the soap from becoming mushy!

Does it last longer than regular soap?

Possibly, it may last slightly longer than regular soap, or it may just feel that way because the lack of goop that builds up on the bar, the polished feeling makes it seem as if it slowly gets smaller as you use it.

My bar of Pikake sea salt soap after about a month of use.

Does it lather?

Yes! I use a loofah with my bar soaps and I find sea salt soap lathers just as well as regular bar soap, it has a bit more of a cream texture and I love using it to shave with!

Tip: If the bar does not lather immediately, it just needs to get wet again!

Sea salt soap feels like a hard polished stone, yet lathers like a dream!

Final Thoughts

I am always thrilled to find new discoveries, especially those that are an improvement on what I’m currently using. As much as I like regular bar soap, I am really digging sea salt soap because I see so many additional benefits!

I love the creamy lather, heavy fragrance and the polished stone feeling of the soap! It does not get mushy or crack, and if my skin absorbs more moisture due to the sea salt than I’m all for it!

Now, if only I can convince Leahlani to collaborate with Kopa Kauai on a Kalima scented bar… ❤



Please comment below! Have you tried sea salt soap yet!? What are your thoughts?